What Do Cricketers Wear Inside Jerseys? Unlocking the Secrets of What Cricketers Wear Inside Their Jerseys

When watching a thrilling cricket match, it’s not just the action on the field that captivates us. It’s also the curiosity about what lies beneath those iconic cricket jerseys. In this article, we delve deep into the world of cricket attire to uncover the essentials that cricketers wear inside their jerseys.

The Base Layer: A Cricketer’s Second Skin

Beneath the jersey, cricketers don a specialized base layer that’s designed for performance and comfort. This innermost layer is like a second skin, and its primary purpose is moisture management.

Moisture-Wicking Fabric: Cricketers wear base layers made from advanced moisture-wicking fabrics. These materials are engineered to pull sweat away from the body, keeping the player dry and comfortable even during intense physical exertion.

Compression Fit: The base layer usually features a compression fit. This snug fit aids in muscle support, reduces muscle fatigue and helps with overall body coordination. It also prevents the jersey from clinging to the body when wet, which can be distracting during a match.

Climate Control: Depending on the weather conditions, cricketers may choose base layers with varying levels of insulation. In cold weather, thermal base layers provide essential warmth, while in hot conditions, lightweight and breathable materials are preferred.

The Cricket Abdominal Guard: Safety First

Cricket is a game that involves fast deliveries, and batsmen especially face the risk of being hit by the ball. To protect themselves, they wear an abdominal guard beneath their trousers. This protective gear shields a player’s most sensitive area from potential injury.

The Sports Bra: Ensuring Comfort and Support

Female cricketers wear sports bras for the same reasons women in other sports do. These bras offer crucial support, reduce breast movement, and enhance overall comfort during the game. They’re designed to minimize distractions, so female cricketers can focus entirely on their performance.

The Inner Gloves: Perfecting the Grip

A cricketer’s grip on the bat is of utmost importance. Inside their batting gloves, players often wear inner gloves. These are thin, lightweight gloves that offer additional grip and moisture-wicking properties. They help absorb sweat and prevent the hands from slipping during crucial moments.

The Sweatband: Keeping Cool Under Pressure

Sweatbands are a common sight on a cricketer’s wrists. They serve a practical purpose, absorbing sweat to keep the hands dry and the grip secure. Additionally, they can be emblazoned with team logos or colors, adding a touch of style to the player’s attire.


While cricket jerseys are iconic symbols of the sport, it’s what lies beneath that often contributes significantly to a player’s performance. From moisture-wicking base layers to protective gear and accessories, cricketers carefully choose their attire to ensure they are comfortable, safe, and at their best on the field. So, the next time you watch a cricket match, you’ll have a deeper appreciation for what’s beneath those famous jerseys.

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