Who Is the Current Indian Cricket Team Jersey Sponsor? Unveiling the Game-Changing Partnership

Indian Cricket Team’s jersey is sponsored by MPL, an online gaming platform, since November 2020. The Indian Cricket Team’s jersey sponsorship has always been a topic of great interest and excitement for cricket fans across the country.

It not only represents the team but also serves as a platform for brands to gain visibility and connect with millions of fans. In November 2020, the jersey sponsorship rights were awarded to MPL, an online gaming platform that has gained immense popularity in recent years.

This partnership between the Indian Cricket Team and MPL has brought a new dimension to the team’s jersey, showcasing the brand’s logo prominently. The sponsorship deal has not only provided financial support to the team but has also created a buzz among fans, making the Indian Cricket Team’s jersey one of the most sought-after merchandise in the cricketing world.

The Evolution Of The Indian Cricket Team Jersey

The Indian cricket team jersey has undergone several transformations over the years. It has evolved from a simple white outfit to the stylish blue jersey that we see today.

The history of Indian cricket jerseys dates back to the time when India first started playing international cricket. Initially, the team wore a plain white jersey with a collar, similar to other cricket-playing nations.

As time went by, the jersey started incorporating the colors of the Indian flag – saffron, white, and green. The collar was replaced with a round neck, and the team sported some variations of the tricolor.

YearJersey Sponsor
2006-2010Reliance Industries
2013-2019Star India

Over the years, the Indian cricket team jersey sponsors have changed. From Wills to Sahara, Reliance Industries, and Star India, each partnership has brought a new look and feel to the jersey.

The current jersey sponsor, BYJU’s, has brought a fresh vibrancy to the team’s attire. The blue jersey with the bold BYJU’s logo stands out on the field.

These sponsorships have not only provided financial support to the Indian cricket team but have also helped in popularizing the sponsors’ brands among millions of cricket fans worldwide.

Introducing The New Indian Cricket Team Jersey Sponsor

The Indian cricket team has recently announced its new jersey sponsor, marking a significant shift in the team’s branding. This game-changing partnership is set to redefine the future of cricket sponsorships. The excitement surrounding this new sponsorship is palpable, with fans eagerly awaiting the unveiling of the new jersey design and logo.

The Indian cricket team’s jersey is more than just a piece of clothing; it represents the pride and passion of millions of cricket fans across the country. The new sponsor will play a crucial role in shaping the team’s identity and supporting them in their quest for glory in international cricket.

This sponsorship deal is not just about financial support; it represents a strategic partnership between the sponsor and the Indian cricket team. The sponsor’s commitment to the team’s success and their shared values will contribute to a fruitful collaboration that goes beyond the cricket field.

Stay tuned to witness the official unveiling of the new Indian cricket team jersey and witness the impact of this game-changing partnership. Get ready to cheer for the team in their fresh new look, as they strive to bring more glory to the nation.

Understanding The Importance Of Jersey Sponsorship In Cricket

Over the years, the Indian cricket team has had various sponsors for their jerseys, and this has had a significant impact on the team and players. Jersey sponsorship plays a crucial role in generating financial support for the cricket board. By partnering with major brands, the board can secure massive financial deals, which ultimately benefit the team and its development. This sponsorship enables the board to invest in the infrastructure, training facilities, and coaching staff, enhancing the overall performance of the players.

Financial significance for the cricket board is massive, as it helps in covering various expenses, such as player salaries, travel costs, and tournament participation fees. Additionally, it allows the board to scout and identify young talents across the country, ensuring a constant supply of skilled players for the national team.

Analyzing The Benefits Of The Partnership

Brand exposure and visibility are crucial for any sponsor, and jersey sponsorship offers an excellent channel to achieve this. By having their logo prominently displayed on the Indian Cricket Team jerseys, sponsors can maximize their brand reach and create strong brand recognition. The Indian cricket team enjoys immense popularity and has a massive fan following, giving sponsors an opportunity to connect with a diverse and engaged audience.

Jersey sponsorship also opens up various marketing opportunities for sponsors. They can leverage the partnership to run targeted marketing campaigns, engaging with fans through social media platforms, advertising, and promotions. This partnership provides an ideal avenue for sponsors to align their brand image with the passion and success associated with the Indian cricket team. It also helps sponsors in building associations with the values and emotions associated with the sport, generating a positive brand perception.

In summary, jersey sponsorship offers sponsors the chance to enhance their brand exposure and visibility, tap into a passionate fan base, and leverage marketing opportunities to strengthen brand image and engagement.

Exploring The Selection Process For Jersey Sponsors

The selection process for jersey sponsors for the Indian Cricket Team involves careful evaluation of potential partnerships to find the most suitable brand to represent the team. This in-depth process ensures that the team’s jersey sponsors align with their values and objectives.

Criteria For Selecting The Ideal Partner

Negotiations and considerations for partnerships
1. Relevance and alignment: The ideal jersey sponsor for the Indian Cricket Team should have relevance to the sport and align with the values and ethos of the team. This includes considering factors such as a strong brand reputation, compatibility with the team’s identity, and a history of supporting sports.
2. Financial capability: The chosen sponsor should possess the financial capacity to fulfill its commitments and invest in the team’s development. This includes evaluating the sponsor’s stability, resources, and willingness to allocate a significant budget to the partnership.
3. Marketing and promotional opportunities: The sponsor’s ability to maximize the team’s visibility and reach is crucial. This involves assessing their marketing strategies, experience with sports sponsorship activations, and potential collaborations to enhance brand exposure.
4. Long-term commitment: A long-term partnership is beneficial for both the team and the sponsor, providing stability and consistency. Evaluating the sponsor’s willingness for a multi-year agreement and their track record with long-term sponsorships is essential.

Impact On Fans And Supporters

The Indian Cricket Team’s choice of a new jersey sponsor has had a significant impact on fans and supporters. The decision has evoked various reactions from fans, some of whom have expressed their excitement and support for the team’s new sponsor. Others, however, have voiced their disappointment or skepticism. Nonetheless, the change in jersey sponsorship presents several opportunities for fan engagement and merchandise. Fans now have the chance to proudly wear and display the new sponsor’s logo, connecting them closer to the team. The availability of official merchandise with the sponsor’s branding allows fans to show their support in different ways. This new collaboration also opens up avenues for unique fan engagement initiatives, such as contests, giveaways, and meet-and-greets, enhancing the overall fan experience. All in all, the Indian Cricket Team’s jersey sponsorship change has sparked both excitement and speculation among fans, ultimately contributing to a deeper connection between the team and its supporters.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Indian Cricket Team Jersey Sponsor

What Is The New Indian Cricket Team Jersey Sponsor?

The new Indian Cricket Team jersey sponsor is MPL Sports, a sports merchandise brand owned by Mobile Premier League.

How Long Is The Contract Between Indian Cricket Team And Mpl Sports?

The contract between the Indian Cricket Team and MPL Sports is for a period of three years, starting from November 2020.

What Happened To The Previous Jersey Sponsor Of The Indian Cricket Team?

The previous jersey sponsor of the Indian Cricket Team was Nike. However, their contract expired in September 2020 and they decided not to renew it.

Why Did The Indian Cricket Team Choose Mpl Sports As Their New Sponsor?

The Indian Cricket Team chose MPL Sports as their new sponsor because of their strong commitment to promoting sports in India and their innovative approach towards sports merchandise.


To sum up, the sponsorship of the Indian cricket team’s jersey holds immense significance. It not only provides financial support but also helps in building a strong brand image for the team. Being the face of a globally recognized brand makes the jersey an emblem of pride and unity for the players and the fans alike.

Furthermore, this association showcases the growth and popularity of cricket as a sport in India. The jersey sponsor plays a vital role in shaping the team’s identity and fostering a sense of loyalty among its supporters.

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