30 Minutes HIIT Workout at Home for Full Body Burn

In three rounds of 10 minutes each, 30 minutes HIIT workout at home for full body burn you will go to your personal limit with this workout. The new HIIT from MadFit is a real calorie killer because it appeals to the whole body at high intensity. Get ready for 30 minutes of continuous burning!

After this full-body workout by fitness influence, you can be proud of yourself, because a 30-minute HIIT is a sporting challenge in which one or two droplets of sweat will flow happily.

You don’t need any equipment, but a soft surface like a carpet or a fitness mat are helpful, some space and something to drink, because – that much is clear – it gets sweaty.

Extra long full body HIIT

This HIIT is entirely in the spirit of effectiveness: All major muscle groups should work.

Therefore, the exercises are repeated over a full three rounds and longer breaks are eliminated. The repetitive movements ensure optimal stress in the legs and buttocks, in the stomach and upper body.

In a high intensity interval training – in short: HIIT – you go to the limits of your performance for a short interval, and then through an active pause with low intensity, you lower the pulse rate again slightly but not completely.

This keeps your cardiovascular system running, but you will be able to give everything again in the next stress phase.

Three rounds of high intensity for the whole body

The workout goes over three rounds, each lasting 10 minutes. During this time you complete eleven exercises – from lunges to squats and triceps dips to plank jacks, everything is really there to give you the promised full body burn.

In between there are always short periods of rest to breathe, as is usual in a HIIT. In addition, a series of leg exercises is followed by movement sequences that address the upper body and core – and vice versa. This gives the muscle group that has just been trained a little breather.

Above all, make sure you are in good shape and mentally focus on the movements and muscles so that squats, crunches and the like can work exactly where they should work. If there’s a fire you’re doing it right.

Here you can see the practice mode at a glance:

Reverse lunges with clap (right)30 secondslegsThe knee stays above the ankle
Jumping Jacks
30 secondsFull body
Reverse lunges with clap (left)30 secondslegsKnee over foot
Triceps dips + knee taps30 secondsArms & Lateral AbsElbow position
Scissor Crunches (long legs)30 secondslateral abdominal musclesTwist the upper body
Single Leg Hold Bridge + Crunches (right)30 secondsAbdominal musclesHip up, buttocks tense
Single Leg Hold Bridge + Crunches (left)30 secondsAbdominal musclesHip up, buttocks tense
3 squats + half burpee30 secondsFull bodyBody is a straight line
Leg extensions + reach backs (right)60 secondsLegs & CoreHip aligned with the floor
Leg extensions + reach backs (left)60 secondsLegs & CoreHip aligned with the floor
Plank Jacks30 secondsFull bodyno vertical hip movement

That was round one! Before the next round starts, allow yourself another 30 seconds break to replenish your fluid balance.

These eleven exercises are retained for the next two rounds. Try to mobilize all your strength reserves again in the last round and increase the pace a little without neglecting your form. 

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